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Burnt Ash Pond
LNR Type: Urban
County: Greater London
Natural England
Regional Team:
East of England
Year of Declaration: 2005
Declaring Authority: Borough of Lewisham
Area (Ha): Click here to open the site map (new window). Once displayed, click on the site to see area and other details.
Grid Reference: TQ 405 733
Location: Melrose Close, off Winn Road SE12 0AL
Owned by: Borough of Lewisham
Managed by: Borough of Lewisham
Link to site map: Click here to open the site map from the MAGIC web site.
How to get there: Melrose Close, off Winn Road just off the main A2212 Baring Road.
Nearest Train: Lee (London)
Visitor facilities: None on site
What to see: The pond is surrounded by rough grassland with a variety of trees and shrubs. Many of these are exotic species, and may originate from the time, around the turn of the century, when the pond was part of a large garden. The single black mulberry bush, a species rarely planted today, certainly seems old enough to have survived since that time.
Burnt Ash Pond is well vegetated above, below and on the surface of the water. Most prominent among the marginal plants are the extensive stands of yellow iris, which produce a fine display of flowers in midsummer. Great willowherb and its smaller relative hoary willowherb (which is rare in Lewisham) grow amongst the irises.
The delicate, white flowers of water-plantain can be seen around the edges of the iris beds and, earlier in the year, common water-crowfoot sticks its white-and-yellow flowers above the surface of the water. Growing alongside the crowfoot beneath the water are Canadian waterweed, water-starwort and a dense growth of stonewort. The latter, although looking like a flowering plant, is in fact an alga; stoneworts are rather scarce in London.
Volunteer and 'Friends of' groups: Friends of Burnt Ash Pond.
To get involved please contact Jess Kyle.
Tel 020 8314 2119.

Contacts for further information and how to get involved: London Borough of Lewisham
Contact GreenScene
Tel: 020 8314 2047
Tel: 020 8314 6000 (24 hours)
Email using the online contact form.
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Last updated 01/03/13
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