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Project title: Foxglove Covert Local Nature Reserve Activity and Education Centre
Region: Yorkshire & The Humber
Applicant: Foxglove Covert LNR Management Group
Relevant local authority area: Richmondshire District Council
LNR(s): Foxglove Covert
Ref No: YH/NY/01/01
Project duration: July 2001- February 2003

Project summary:
Foxglove Covert Local Nature Reserve (LNR) Management Group was created to represent the interests of both the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and other key users of the site. Grant aid was awarded for the construction of a modern visitor centre for the LNR to replace the existing derelict facilities. The new centre will increase community activity, develop interest in local biodiversity and enhance the long-term bird-ringing programme run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

The activities and education centre was completed in May 2002 and is now in use. A visitor trail guide for the LNR is available for 50p.

Site description:
Foxglove Covert LNR is a 30 hectare (ha) local nature reserve (LNR) recently declared on Ministry of Defence (MoD) land at the Catterick Training Area, North Yorkshire. It is the first LNR ever to be declared on MoD land and the first in Richmondshire.

The site is a mosaic of willow carr, woodland, wetland, grassland and heath. Since it was officially set-aside as an area for nature conservation in 1992, a considerable amount of habitat management work has been undertaken and good volunteer links established. The LNR management group previously obtained funding for work to the LNR from Yorventure (a body that distributes Landfill Tax funds). The work has resulted in nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus and water vole Arvicola terrestris being encouraged to breed on the site.

Access: Foxglove Covert is not an open access reserve. For security reasons access is by prior arrangement only. Further details are available on 01748 875504 or 01748 875507 from 08:30-16:00 Monday to Friday.

Recent footpath improvement works mean that the site is partially accessible to wheelchair users. Local schools, conservation groups, the army welfare and children’s groups and others make regular use of the LNR.

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10 September 2002

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