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St Denis Church (footprint of church only)
LNR Type: Rural
County: Cambridgeshire
Natural England
Regional Team:
East of England
Year of Declaration: 1985
Declaring Authority: South Cambridgeshire District Council
Area (Ha): Click here to open the site map (new window). Once displayed, click on the site to see area and other details.
Grid Reference: TL 285 505
Location: Main Street, Sandy. SG19 3HW
Owned by: South Cambridgeshire District Council,
Managed by: South Cambridgeshire DC and a small group of local volunteers.
Link to site map: Click here to open the site map from the MAGIC web site.
How to get there: Off Main Street ( in Hatley) off the main B1042.
Visitor facilities: Street Parking
What to see: Archaeological site.
It mainly qualifies as a County Wildlife Site for its neutral grassland, there are some calcareous grassland and woodland indicator species present as well. It is particularly species rich, with a very good variety of grasses and wildflowers.
Volunteer and 'Friends of' groups: St Denis Nature Reserve Local Management

Contacts for further information and how to get involved: South Cambridgeshire District Council
03450 450 500 - General enquiries
David Bevan (for SCDC)
Website address and other links:
alternatively try and search for St Denis Local Nature Reserve

Last updated 21/02/13
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