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Fishpond Wood and Beverley Meads
LNR Type: Urban
County: Greater London
Natural England
Regional Team:
East of England
Year of Declaration: 1993
Declaring Authority: Borough of Merton
Area (Ha): Click here to open the site map (new window). Once displayed, click on the site to see area and other details.
Grid Reference: TQ 219 707
Location: Kingston By Pass (Robin Hood Way), SW20
Owned by: London Borough of Merton
Managed by: London Wildlife Trust and Borough of Merton
Link to site map: Click here to open the site map from the MAGIC web site.
How to get there: Situated off Beverley Avenue or Barham Road just off the main A3 Kingston by Pass and A238 Coombe Lane
Public Transport - Rail: Raynes Park then bus. Bus: 57, 200, 265.
The reserve lies adjacent to the Southwest corner of Wimbledon Common in the London Borough of Merton.
Visitor facilities: The main pedestrian access points are at the north and south ends of Fishpond Wood from Wimbledon Common, and from the Track leading up from the end of Barham Road.
Car Park.
What to see: Adjacent to Warren Farm, Fishpond wood features wetlands surrounded by old oak-hazel woodland. The ponds support a wide variety of life such as frogs, toads, newts and dragonflies.
Beverley Meads lies between Fishpond Wood and the south of the common and features a mixture of woodland and grasslands.
Volunteer and 'Friends of' groups: London Wildlife Trust
Contacts for further information and how to get involved: London Borough of Merton
Leisure and Culture Services
Telephone: 020 8545 3655 or 020 8545 3930
or try
London Wildlife Trust
Tel:020 7261 0447
Website address and other links:
alternatively try
and search for Fishpond Wood and Beverley Meads Local Nature Reserve

Last updated 04/03/13
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