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Otterhead Lakes
LNR Type: Not Known
County: Somerset
Natural England
Regional Team:
South West
Declaring Authority: Taunton Deane Borough Council
Area (Ha): Click here to open the site map (new window). Once displayed, click on the site to see area and other details.
Grid Reference: ST 224 141
Location: South of Taunton, TA3 7EE
Owned by: Wessex Water
Managed by: The Otterhead Estate Company Limited
Link to site map: Click here to open the site map from the MAGIC web site.
How to get there: Otterhead lakes LNR is located approximately seven miles south of Taunton, immediately south of Otterford.
The reserve's car park is accessed by a small lane just on the western side of the B3170.
Visitor facilities: There is a car park available at the nature reserve.
Leaflets, interpretation boards.
There is also wheelchair access.
What to see: Semi-natural habitats now make up the reserve including alder and willow carr, dry deciduous woodland, unimproved neutral grassland, and freshwater streams and ditches. Dormice, badgers and bat species occur in the woodland. The lakes supports bird species including kingfisher, dipper and wagtail.
Volunteer and 'Friends of' groups: Friends of Otterhead
Tel 01404 47347
Contacts for further information and how to get involved: Taunton Deane Borough Council
Contact no.: 01823 356562

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Last updated 14/02/13
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