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Earlswood Common
LNR Type: Urban
County: Surrey
Natural England
Regional Team:
South East
Year of Declaration: 2002
Declaring Authority: Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Area (Ha): Click here to open the site map (new window). Once displayed, click on the site to see area and other details.
Grid Reference: TQ 271 487
Location: Earlswood Road, Redhill. RH1 6LB
Owned by: Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Managed by: Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Link to site map: Click here to open the site map from the MAGIC web site.
How to get there: Car: Earlswood Road off the main A23 Brighton Road. Earlswood.
Train: Earlswood Station, on the Redhill to Gatwick line, is just to the east of the Common. From the station walk down the Earlswood Road to reach the edge of the Common.
Bus: There are bus routes on all main roads
surrounding the Common.
Visitor facilities: Parking and Toilets
What to see: Earlswood Common contains a variety of habitats including two large lakes, a number of smaller ponds, wetland corridors, scattered trees and woodland and semi-improved grassland which includes the nationally rare plant Chamomile. Animal species seen on the Common include Roe deer, rabbits and foxes. The site is also important for bats, birds and many species of insects.
Contacts for further information and how to get involved: Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
Tel 01737 276000
Website address and other links:
alternatively try and search for Earlswood Common, Reigate. Local Nature Reserve

last updated 18/01/2017
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